Friday, October 20, 2017

Buying Sex Toys in the Philippines

The Philippines is not exactly a very easy country to buy Fleshlights or Tenga Cups, or even the lovely Lelo toys AKA designer sex toys. Most resellers charge a lot since it's not easy bringing in these sex toys in the country. However, there are many ways to buy whatever sex toy you want, and bring them inside the country.


One of the best ways to bring in sex toys in the Philippines is to buy them abroad. It's quite safe bringing in sex toys in the country, but please do exercise discretion. Don't be gullible by filling a whole luggage of Fleshlights or rabbit vibrators, because you are surely going to be flagged!

Also, ditch the box and other packaging and opt for something that is more discreet if it's a vibrator with built-in batteries (I have traveled with my Lelo Mia inside my hand bag, and nobody even batted an eye!). We also got a couple of Tenga Cups during a trip from Japan, and placed them inside our check-in luggage.

The key is always discretion. If you're buying a couple of toys abroad, then there's no problem. However, if your whole luggage is full of vibrators or dildos, then I guess it's best to think twice - even thrice!


I love buying sex toys online from because they have lots of discount coupons, they have a wide range of products from vibrators to even lingerie, and they always have sales going on! You can get vibrators here for as low as $5, but keep in mind about the shipping fee from the US to the Philippines.

ALSO, another thing to keep in mind is that most parcel forwarders in the US is that batteries are now NOT being shipped by air, so you'd have to wait for 2 months before a rechargeable vibrator arrives at your door step.

I have personally used Johnny Air and USA Direct PHL in shipping a couple of Lelo Vibrators and a Bcurious by Bswish, both discreet vibrators with built-in batteries, before the restriction went up. I received it in less than 2 weeks, and only had to pay the typical shipping fees (less than P1,000) for the items, which are around 2 pounds. There's also My Shopping Box, which offers free membership for BDO and Gcash users.



DHL, FedEx and UPS are private couriers, and believe me - Customs personnel stationed in these companies ALWAYS charge you for taxes and duties. ALSO, they are the ones who are notorious in seizing items by quoting the Tariff and Customs Code (immoral and indecent items).


The only exception here is if you have good relations with your local post office, which usually happens in provinces, PROVIDED, that the items you are buying are not bulky, are not obvious as sex toys, even with their packaging (think about these discreet vibrators, like the Lelo Ora), and do not have any other indication in the packaging that it's a sex toy.

Also, keep in mind that when invoices are below P10,000, the Post Office  WILL NOT charge you for taxes and tariff charges for an informal importation, but will instead only charge you P112.00 for some kind of Post Office storage fee. Or something.

I might not be selling sex toys online anymore, but with these tips, you can easily buy toys that you need and want (heck, even lubricants that seem to be so limited in the Philippines!!!) without sweat.

Let me know!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prepping up for Valentine's: Exquisite & Seductive Perfume - for less!

So you've gotten a gift for your special somebody. But are you ready for that day itself? ;)

Different scents are deemed as aphrodisiacs. Why, even our own scent, pheromones, act as aphrodisiacs.

Who would want to play with somebody who smells bad? Of course, when the right time comes or the mood calls for it, a lot of people rely on the sense of smell to get them in the mood or to heighten things up. Various scents can help you make your night from blah to wow - in an instant.

Pre-Valentine's Week Pre-Order - Now Open

Grab your most wanted toys this season of love! :)

From January 24 to February 1, we are going to accept orders for love things, sex toys, adults toys, cuffs, lubes, and everything else! :) Make sure you get that special something for Valentine's day SOON!!!

Email us for price quotes at pinkpassionsph[at]gmail[dot]com and we will reply as soon as possible.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gift Ideas for Him - Buy Sex Toys for Valentine's Day

OK, so you want that day (or night) to be extra special with your partner. Although you might say that everyday should be a Valentine's day, and you really don't have to make it extra special, you'd still probably want to be ready for that day.

Valentine's Day gift ideas are probably the first things in your mind, aside from those extra things you want to exert your effort on. But what will you get him or her for that special day? Here are some cool gift ideas for Valentine's, courtesy of our partner, EdenFantasy's :)


Ah, it's really hard to pick for a guy. While you may have journeyed all throughout the malls in Metro Manila, you cannot simply ignore the fact that the average man thinks about sex a few times in a minute. So why not give him something that will tickle his senses, and his body? :)


The Classic Fleshlight - Stamina Training Unit
A guy who doesn't masturbate is almost impossible to think of - even your husband or your lover does that. Giving him one of the best sex toy for men will make him really happy, especially if you'd use it together. Think about it as satisfying his fantasy of threesomes but without needing another woman, so that's a plus point for you.

Why the STU unit, though? Because it teaches him how to hold off himself while having sex. That means he gets to pleasure you even longer than he can before :)

The Beauty Sleeve by Toy's Heart

Don't expect this baby to be like a Fleshlight BUT because of its price and its texture inside, it's definitely a great steal. If you cannot take yourself to buy for your partner a Fleshlight with an orifice of a woman's at such prices, then this Beauty Sleeve will definitely be a great alternative. It isn't going to break your bank, PLUS he can rest his hand when you aren't in the mood for some lovin'.

Will update this post for some more gift ideas for Valentine's! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Want to Buy Sex Toys Online Straight from Edenfantasys? No problem! :)

A lot of people here cannot wait for the pre-order week - that's a fact. :p Moreover, a lot of those people also do not have the face to go to a physical store to buy sex toys.

However, if you want to buy sex toys online anytime, without having to wait for our pre-order week, you can always order straight from . They practically have everything you need: vibrators, Fleshlights, and a lot of things.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

If you are thinking of the charges, they only charge a minimum of $25 for shipping one piece of sex toy to the Philippines (it gets more expensive as you buy more, of course). They ship via DHL. Your bigger problem would be when the package arrives here in the Philippines. Prepare to pay customs duties and taxes, but if you don't order a lot and you have only gotten a couple of toys, it normally do not cost a lot! :)

Either way, you get to have your favorite sex toys in no time at all! :) Why do you have to go to a store and suffer from high prices when you can order directly from them?

Edenfantasys accept Paypal, Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Happy shopping! :)

Of course, you can still order sex toys online from Pink Passions if you prefer it to be that way. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

November Pre-Order Week - Done!

Thanks for all those who have posted their orders for sex toys! :) Will post the tracking number from the US to the PH when we get it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reminders for those who want to order

Hello! :)

I just want to remind everybody that you still cannot place your orders since we have not yet opened our pre-order week yet. Rest assured, though, that you will be included in the mailing list, and will be emailed a few days before we formally open our pre-order week.

You can only get hold of an order slot if you can settle your payments within three days upon ordering. This is to avoid those who keep on ordering, but never pay the downpayment within the allotted time. Non-payment of your down payment will result to forfeiture of your slot for that particular order week.

You can check out Eden Fantasys for stuff you want to order. Please PM all the time for price quotes.

Thanks :)